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CMYK Embroidery by Evelin Kasikov

There are so many artists in the world, and the things these people do never cease to amaze me. One day, while pinning, I came across a photo of some of the coolest embroidery ever. Embroidery that would make people who don't like embroidery appreciate embroidery.

Evelin Kasikov is a graphic and print designer who uses typography, grid systems and design techniques to challenge the preconceptions of embroidery. She has created a variety of designs including a typography series, and a book series. I found her CMYK series  incredibly fun, colorful and totally awesome in terms of design. Here are just a few pieces.
Do check out her other work , it is just as awesome as what you can see here.


So what do you guys think? Would you buy one of these pieces to hang on your wall as art?

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