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Convert Quark to Adobe InDesign with new Q2ID v5.5

Markzware has announced an upgrade to its popular Adobe Plugin, Q2ID (Quark to InDesign). This latest version of the Adobe plugin runs under InDesign CS5.5 to convert Quark up through QuarkXPress 9 files.
Q2ID is also available with Quark 9 support for InDesign CS4 and InDesign CS5.5 and is available on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms.
Markzware Q2ID InDesign plugin converts Quark documents and instantly re-creates them to an InDesign CS4, CS5 and now CS5.5. It is often a daunting task to manually convert Quark files. Today, Q2ID v5.5 provides a quick, easy and affordable method to convert content from Quark to InDesign. This Quark conversion is as easy as opening up any Quark document into a new InDesign document. Q2ID is very accurate, providing special attention to the intricate details of the Quark content when converting Quark to InDesign.

The software upgrade of the Q2ID v5.5 for Quark conversion is available at the Q2ID Store . You can obtain the system requirements for Macintosh and Windows platforms, as well as purchase, upgrade and pricing information through the Q2ID Product Page.

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Q2ID v5.5
06-09-2011 08:48:18
Q2ID v5.5 - Quark to InDesign video demonstration:

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