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Conquering the Market with Postcard Marketing

Which do you think will get better response: an email ad sent daily which will most likely end up in the spam folder or a postcard sent once a month but will be easily noticeable? Your most likely response would be the postcard.

You see, even though we are in the digital age where the quickest and most effective way of sending messages is done over the Internet, getting noticed can mean investing in traditional marketing materials, and that includes postcard printing. Fortunately, cheap postcard printing services are available these days allowing you to produce your postcards in the cheapest and but highest quality possible. While other businesses are trying to get noticed in the increasingly saturated online market, you can take advantage of the openness of the traditional market.

There are several good reasons why postcards are a great investment. This includes the following:

i> They are quick to read and understand. Postcards contain simple messages. The rule of thumb is to incorporate just one idea per card. This makes it easy for readers to understand what you want to convey to them. Likewise, space is limited so the message has to be kept brief and compact.
ii> They allow a friendly way of keeping in touch with customers. You don’t want to bore your customers with your marketing messages. If you do so, they will likely stay away from you and never open the succeeding marketing pieces you send them. With postcards, you present a less serious way of keeping in touch.
iii> They are low cost. Even if funds are limited, you can still produce postcards. You can even design and print them on your own. Also, a lot of printing companies today offer low cost marketing. They will provide you affordable but high quality printing.
iv> They allow you to convey a consistent image. With your cards designed in the same manner, you can convey a consistent image to your customers and prospects. They will easily familiarize themselves with you and in time put you in their memory. When they are ready to buy, you will be the first one they will think of.

Just like the rest of your marketing materials, your postcards should contain your complete contact details and your logo. These are necessary especially if you want people to contact and remember you. It’s best if you use both sides of the card to maximize space. One side can contain your message and the other side your contact details and address of the recipient. Be as creative and colorful as you want but don’t overdo it. Just create the perfect design that will deliver your message clearly and effectively.

Envelopes are not required to send postcards. You can simply send them to your target audience without the extra cost. However, be wary of the postal regulations in your area so don’t encounter problems in mailing.

Print postcards in the best quality possible. If people find your card compelling and interesting, expect to get positive response. For a small business owner like you, a phone call or a visit to your website is already a big thing. This means that your marketing efforts are recognized and you are already halfway to achieving your goals. If you send your postcards consistently, the response can still boost up and improve.

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