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Easy Poster Marketing Tips

Marketing is an important business activity. It’s something that every business owner should do and never neglect in doing. After all, how can people buy when don’t even know you exist? However, marketing can cost a chunk of money. If you are not carefully, you can end up broke in no time. Fortunately, there are marketing strategies you can do that won’t take so much of your budget. For startups and small businesses, printing posters is one good strategy. If you want to add posters to your campaign, here are the basic tips you need to know:

1) Experiment with the sizes. Aside from big posters, you can consider creating small ones. These are great for small spaces and boards. Just staple them on the sides or post them in an unusual angle to grab attention.
2) Create different posters. Don’t just produce one poster and use it for all your campaigns. If you do this, your customers will only get bored and loose interest on you easily. Try to create a different poster for each campaign. Perhaps you can consider a monthly change. You can test the result of each campaign to determine the best design that you can use again in future campaigns.
3) Zero in on benefits. The key to effective marketing is to focus on the benefits you provide rather than the features. Stating the benefits clearly with give you an advantage over your competitions. Remember that people are more interested in knowing the benefits and giving them what they want to know will increase your chance of getting a good response.
4) Keep things simple. Don’t try to overcrowd your custom poster with too many images and texts. This will only make your message look confusing. It will be easier for you to stand out if you make your poster simple and easy to understand.
5) Be polite. Your competitors will try to start a poster war. They try to cover up or remove your poster. Even though you badly want to retaliate, restrain yourself. Fighting with your competitors won’t bring any good to you. Aside from tainting your reputation, this will only cost you your customers and even your business. Instead of getting even, be professional and sooner or later your competitors will get the point and stay back.
6) Be proud and put your posters in all places to increase exposure. This will help you make a statement and tell people of your intentions. If the space is large, put two or three posters so people will easily notice your ad.
7) Middle and edges are both good places to post your poster. If your campaign is urgent, you can consider putting your poster in the middle of the board, but if the campaign is long-term, you can consider the edges for maximum exposure. Often, the proper placement of the poster is the key to the success of the campaign, so be carefully where you put your material.

Poster printing is a simple campaign that when done well will bring good results to your business. If you want to maximize your budget and gain good exposure with your posters, follow the simple rules above. Remember that poster marketing is not rocket science. If others can do it, surely you can do it as well.

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