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App Studio for QuarkXPress 9!

Watch the App Studio demonstration video here.

Export iPad issue with App Studio in QuarkXPress 9 now shipping

App Studio in QuarkXPress 9 is now shipping...

Quark today released it's long awaited App Studio for QuarkXPress 9. This will allow you to quickly make interactive features in your QuarkXPress 9 print layouts, for being exported as an Apple iPad issue.

App Studio for QuarkXPress (English)

How much does it cost? What are the fees for using App Studio? Best to look on the comments section of the video linked above, where we can read from Quark:

"It's true that while the app creation and issue design process is free, right through testing apps and issues, once you are ready to push your content to the App Store there are additional costs. You will absolutely need an Apple iOS Developer Account ($99) and there are different cost from Quark for the app and the issues. Prices are expected to start at $498 BUT crucially, there are no ongoing costs to pay to Quark beyond this - very different to the competitor models"

QuarkXPress9 - 3 weeks ago

New Digital Publishing features in QuarkXpress 9 with App Studio, now released! Create Apple iPad apps out of your QuarkXPress layouts.

Additional sources - "App Studio is Here"

Export iPad issue with App Studio in QuarkXPress 9!

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Comments on this item:

07-10-2011 19:26:14
Want to try App Studio in QuarkXPress 9.1 but have all of your content in InDesign CS5 or InDesign CS something? Use Markzware ID2Q to open InDesign in Quark 9.1. Watch how ID2Q v6 works:

InDesign to Quark with ID2Q v6!
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