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Frequently Asked Questions on Postcard Printing

Frequently Asked Questions
on Postcard Printing

Just as a customer would want to get as much information as possible about a product as well as the company providing it, people also ask many different questions about cheap postcards and postcard printing. It is not actually a mark of an ignorant customer, but rather a mark of a smart and well-prepared customer to be inquisitive and always seeking to understand something that you do not know of. Photo postcards, full color postcards, and other types of high quality postcards do not just get sent to your hands as easily as that, after all. You would first need to exert the effort and the will to learn more as well as to better understand the product you want. For postcard printing, here are a few frequently asked questions that customers have for their commercial printing company.

How fast can I get my custom postcards? Of course, with all customers, no matter how patient or impatient they can be, the first question that they may ask is how fast a company can print out and deliver the requested prints. This is what is normally called as the company’s “turnaround time” and reflects on how quickly and efficiently a company can do its work. Obviously, the shorter the turnaround time, the better pleased a customer can be, but only if the prints provided are of a high quality. A fast turnaround time is useless if a company cannot meet up to expected standards.

Do you offer full bleed printing? Simply put, full bleed printing means being able to cover the entire surface of the card. You would not expect it, but there are many different considerations when it comes to full bleed printing, and this aspect can affect even the price of the printing job that your commercial printing company will charge you. The ability of a commercial printer to offer full bleed printing at no added cost and at a high resolution speaks highly of a commercial printer’s technical capabilities as well as reasonable prices, so you may want to ask this the next time you print out some postcards just so that you have an idea.

What type of proofs does the company offer? It may be very surprising to you, but some companies do not even offer proofs for their customers to check. Hiding behind a claim that they have high satisfaction rates and a good track record with previous customers, some companies would not let their customers check design templates beforehand to see whether or not the quality of the expected postcards will be up to par. Whenever you encounter any company that does not offer proofs, think twice before you commit to anything because the company might be hiding an incapability to produce high quality prints.

Postcard printing is but another world filled with curiosities and questions that customers would like to have answered about their cheap postcards. As for the questions listed above, these are the ones customers usually ask their commercial printing companies and do not include the questions frequently asked to their mailing services. Take these down for your next postcard printing venture.

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Frequently Asked Questions postcard printing

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