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Memo Pads for Business Events

Memo pads are not just for business events. You can use these too as Christmas gifts for Mom and Dad, for your teachers and friends, among others. If you have the time, you can create your own memo pads this Christmas. For this project, you will need the following tools and materials:

- Publications software, which can range from Microsoft Publisher to Adobe Illustrator, depending on your technical knowhow
- Color printer although black and white printer can do the job, too
- Scanner, if you wish to import pictures to your computer, or camera if there are new stock photos
- Cardboard for the cover – both for back and front covers
- Pair of scissors and cutter
- Ruler
- Clamp or two heavy books
- Adhesive

Once you are done gathering the needed materials, you can start working on the design template. Using your chosen publications software, open a blank document which should match the measurements you want for your notepad. Thus, at the start, you have already identified how you want your memo pads to look like. You may want to work on a design theme before hand to make the design process a bit easier.

If you are skilled in making sketches or illustrations or in taking photographs, you can incorporate your designs. You can use a scanner or camera to import the elements you want for your memo pads. When using images though, you need to make use of high resolution images. If not, your prints may appear pixilated. You can just resize your images if they appear bigger on screen. Once you are done working on the design templates for the pages and covers of memo pads, you can start with the printing.

Print the required number of pages you want. Cut the sheets if a page contains numerous pages. Make sure that the edges are even. Cut the cardboard too for the covers. Collect the cut sheets and covers and stack them together. The cut sheets should be in between the cardboard covers. For the binding, you can bind them together using adhesive. Another option is using wax paper. Apply adhesive on one side of your stack. Let the coat dry before you apply the second one.

Making memo pads can be easy. Have fun in the process, so you would not get stressed out in doing this creative activity. If you are looking for more ways on how to make your prints appealing, here are some suggestions:

- Use full color when printing the memo pad pages. This is especially true if you are using different design elements, such as images. Although black and white printing also works, the results would not be as visually appealing. If you are wondering about the costs, there are supply stores that offer promos and discounts. Take advantage of these.
- Put design on the covers. You can put drawings or illustrations, pictures and other designs. You can also do graphic work that has abstract designs. Make use of your imagination. You can download brushes and patterns too from the internet or create new ones using Adobe Photoshop.
- When giving out memo pads, add a pen for use by your receivers. You can make personalized pens that your receivers will highly appreciate. Also, you may also want to inscribe a message inside the memo pad.

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