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Print Media, PDF Standards and InDesign

Print Media, PDF Standards and Adobe InDesign

How can we edit PDF's in InDesign for print?

In print media, we all have them. PDF files. We export PDFs. We receive them in, in various ways and methods. And we have many PDFs in our archives. We tag PDFs. We print PDFs. And we even preflight PDFs, although that’s, of course, a post-flight. This is all relatively easy, even if a PDF/X or PDF Ghent Workgroup standard type PDF flavor. And it’s quite commonplace in print media.

Watch video (text transcribed from video):

What is more challenging is editing them. We, as graphic designers or prepress operators, generally prefer to use standard type of DTP, or desktop publishing, software. Software tools, such as Adobe’s own InDesign.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to edit a PDF, right in InDesign? No, not placed. Not a PDF that’s placed in InDesign. Anyone can do that. I mean editing the full PDF, with layers, fonts, tables, you name it. Sure, there are technical tools in Acrobat, which will allow you to, well, hack PDFs. These are both difficult to use and expensive, for the average user.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to edit PDFs in InDesign? Of course, it would. And Markzware has PDF2DTP for InDesign to help you with that goal. Based on the 20-year-old Markzware technology, patented at that, it comes down to a one-click process, based on our expertise, for you, the user.

It's that easy to edit PDF files, right within Adobe InDesign. There. I’m done. This high-resolution, professional PDF file for print, a PDF document, is now a fully-editable InDesign layout, with colors, fonts, images, and even will create a separate folder with all the images exported that were embedded or used in that PDF file.

We're talking about a conversion with everything. All the styles, H&Js, even tables, colors, you name it. It doesn't matter where the PDF originated from, whether it was originally an InDesign file itself, or QuarkXPress, or even if it was an Apple Pages or CorelDRAW file that was created to a PDF. You can then take that PDF and get it right into InDesign, with all design elements, layers, conditions that you expect as professional graphic designers and prepress operators, available.

Free yourself from technical and expensive PDF workflows. Get the affordable, professional, and easy-to-use Markzware PDF2DTP today.

Cruise on over to markzware.com today and see why users, such as these, are saying things like this, that PDF2DTP is, quite simply, amazing. I just had to cut away and share with you some of these amazing, like I just said, customer quotes. And we have many more.

Email us on sales@markzware.com today for more information, or simply cruise on over to www.markzware.com and buy it today. You’ll truly be happy to get any PDF, from any source, right into InDesign and you, too, can weep for joy. And you, too, can own it, for a very affordable price. Markzware’s PDF2DTP for InDesign.

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