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Personalized Tire Printing by Bridgestone!

image credit - metrowheels.net

Graphic designers prepare - Bridgestone is bringing full color tire printing ink and technology on the market! Read the article to learn more about Bridgestone's plan for tire printing!

Tire Printing!

Tire Printing by Bridgestone!

This is neat. Printing on tires in full color. Not only that, they are looking at getting really creative, as in personalized tire printing!

We read:

Bridgestone Introduces Innovative Tire Printing Technology
Posted on February 22, 2012

"Trust Bridgestone to do things in style. The company has developed an innovative Tire printing technology. This technology will produce creative and colorful printing on tires. So get set to add a dash of color to your tires."

"In fact Bridgestone is looking forward to give customers a unique opportunity to customize their tires with this technology. For instance, customers may incorporate photographs on the Tire sidewalls or create a unique custom design. Corporate vehicle can choose to sport their logos. The applications are practically limitless."

Read Full: Bridgestone Introduces Innovative Tire Printing Technology - Wheels & Automotive Today

Looks like graphic designers will need to gear up for tire printing! Not sure how your local print-shop can get in on this, but surely tires will need to be re-printed, un-scuffed and in any event cleaned! Imagine what a preflight error will cost! Come to think of it, if my Bridgestone tires get a custom design printed on them, I will have to park and watch out for those curbs a lot better... Bridgestone tire printing, coming to a garage nearest you!

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Comments on this item:

28-02-2012 17:28:35
It would be even better with 3d print embossing - wow.
For great print design and effects try these-
20-01-2013 06:59:21
When will they be available, and where? Also, will there be a site to be able to design the print I want, as well as view it? I'm in Texas. Thanks !!!
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08-04-2014 08:59:11
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