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Wise Tips on Spending Money for Catalog Printing

In my experience, I have discovered that money will always be not enough in catalog printing. You may have a lot of great plans during the catalog printing process. However, there is not enough money to go around achieving your plans.

That is why you have to be wise when spending money for catalog printing. In this article, I will teach you how to spend wisely and provide you the important areas where you should concentrate your money on.

Read the list below, and you will know where your money should be spent on.

1. Expert catalog printers – One of the most important things to spend on is the catalog printer. You have to choose a company that offers affordable services and which can be trustworthy and certified experts at printing catalogs. For your money to be really worth it, it is best to look for catalog printers with a good reputation and have good printing samples. I suggest that you look online for expert catalog printers so that you can easily compare them. Whatever the case though, it is good to spend the time and money in hiring a good printer. Trust me, with a professional printer by your side, your money would be well spent.

2. Tough cover materials – One of the most important areas to spend on is your cover. Therefore, you should always try to find the best and tough cover materials. Tougher covers mean spending on thicker covers for durability. This will help your design look well for a longer amount of time. Even in prolonged marketing campaigns, your materials must always look new and fresh if you spend wisely on your materials. Make it a point to focus a veritable amount of your resources for the covers.

3. Image enhancing inks – Inks are also something you must work on. Do not spend on cheap inks that will deteriorate or fade easily in water, harsh light or light physical damage. Always invest on glossy, moisture resistant four-color inks that are tough and look impressive to people. Trust me, this is money well spent because those special inks will help enhance the design, while making sure that your output will always look new and impressive for a long time.

4. Proper binding – Finally, you should always spend on proper binding. Catalogs are small booklets and they need proper binding so that they do not come apart quickly. That is why it is best to invest in proper binding. Perfect binding is of course the best choice, but if you have little resources, I suggest that you go for cheaper but good choices such as ring binding. Believe me, if you spend on good binding it will be well worth it. Your marketing material will last for a far longer time with proper binding.

These are the topmost aspects that you best spend on when catalog printing. You will be optimizing your budget and design by making sure that you follow the tips given above. Good Luck with printing those catalogs!

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print catalogs or catalog printing industry.

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12-11-2013 09:32:49
This site is excellent and so is how the subject matter was explained. I also like some of the comments too. Waiting for the next post!!!!!
14-11-2013 05:21:11
These tips on spending money for catalog printing is simply informational and expressive.

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19-11-2013 06:43:57
This surely means that catalog printing is important and is beneficial for the growth of the business. This is going to be one of the posts that is instructional.
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18-12-2013 11:42:15
Simply significant and with extreme details this post is. I would like to mention that for the catalog printing you have shared appropriate details.
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16-09-2015 13:04:35
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